Service Action

Check to see whether your Mahindra Bolero Pikup is part of the service action.

No, the VIN you entered is not included in the service action. Thank you for your time and happy motoring.

Your vehicle is covered under the Service Action

What is the Condition?
A fluid pipe in the engine compartment may be routed improperly leading to excessive stretch, resulting in fluid leakage, which will lead to Fluid Level Warning indicator (FLWI) coming ON in the instrument cluster.

What will Mahindra do?
The service action requires inspection and replacement of the fluid pipe. The activity will be performed at ZERO COST to you.

What should you do?
Since the Pikup purchased by you falls in the recalled batch of vehicles that were manufactured between Jan'20 to Feb'21, please contact your authorized Mahindra Pikup dealer to make an appointment to facilitate a vehicle inspection as soon as possible. However, depending upon the dealer's work schedule/load and the inspection results, it may be necessary to make your vehicle available for a certain period of time at the workshop.
We advise that you get this activity completed as soon as possible.

What if you have other questions in this respect?
Your local Mahindra Pikup dealer will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and set up an appointment to perform this important activity.If you require further assistance, you may contact our 24x7 Mahindra Customer Relationship Center at 1800-209-6006.

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